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About Us
Welcome to Eastern Edge

Here at Eastern Edge, we aim to provide you with a range of services using a model of online delivery that is certainly an advantage to those who have recognized the recent difficulties presented by the restrictive nature of the 2020 Global Pandemic. So much of our lives and the requirements and needs are heavily tied to our finances, health and education. We aim to reduce the stress that can be associated with these areas by providing you with simple alternates that will take the pressure off of you, while guaranteeing that guidance in financial matters, helping to meet the education needs of your children/family members and getting you ready for that job opportunity that you don't want to miss.  
We believe that there is no task too small, and will ensure that the agreement between you and us will always be prioritized and honoured. With Aileen's more than 35 years in Accounting and Management, and Grafton's 29 years in Education, as well as training in Management, We Will Get The Job Done!
Our team of qualified support professionals are ready and waiting for your call. 

Plant Blossom

Founder & CEO

Work Desk

Founder & Website Developer

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